Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Authentic Stone & Brickwork
Market Meals
B. Maroner's Beaded Creations
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Baked Goods, Produce
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - ...inspired by the sea
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - Unique, handmade & signed jewellery
Classy Shades
Cosmic Crepes
Market Meals
Baked Goods - Artistic Layer Cakes & More!
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Fun and functional! - Ceramics for everyday use
Market Meals - Mexican food
Fir Tree Enterprises
Pottery, Wood and Glass
Meat, Produce
Community Organizations - Friends of Lopez Island Pool
Gold Bug Designs
Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories, Handcrafts
Happy Tinker
Arts and Crafts
Island Fibers
It's Linda's
Preserves, Pickles and Condiments - Preserves, pickles & seasoning salt
Jack Neilsen
Pottery, Wood and Glass
Jules Jewels
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Just Heavenly Fudge
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - Vintage Button Jewelry
Community Organizations - Lopez Island's Community Radio Station
Community Organizations - Lopez Center for Community and the Arts
Community Organizations - Lopez Community Trails Network
Lopez Island Coffee Roasters
Coffee and Teas
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Decorative and functional pottery
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Island inspired stained glass
Pottery, Wood and Glass, Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - Handblown glass, beads, and jewelry
Community Organizations
Seafood - A Lopez Island Fishing Family
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Functional and sculptural pottery
Arts and Crafts, Handcrafts - Metal art and Screened textiles
Sam Bernardi
Pottery, Wood and Glass
Sassy Sea
Personal Products
Serious Palmistry by a Genuine Crackpot
Personal Products
Arts and Crafts, Arts and Crafts, Handcrafts - handbound books
Preserves, Pickles and Condiments - Handcrafted jams and jellies
Dairy, Produce - Farmstead goat cheese and raw milk
Handcrafts - Unique Beaded Flatware and other Special Items
Meat, Plants, Produce - Produce, Beef and Pork
Community Organizations - Solid Waste Alternatives Program
Pottery, Wood and Glass
Painting, Prints and Photography - Botanical Notecards, Prints, Originals and Silk Scarves by the artist
Preserves, Pickles and Condiments - Chicaoji Chipotle Chile Sauce
Whispers of Nature
Personal Products
Wild Beloved
Herbs and Spices
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - wild but wearable jewelry
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - Jewelry inspired by Northwest Beaches
Painting, Prints and Photography - Steven R Hill plein Air Painter & Judy Hill garden sculpture
Woodsia Handmade
Arts and Crafts, Handcrafts