Baked Goods, Produce
Classy Shades
Plants - Flower farmer - florist
Arts and Crafts, Plants, Produce
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Fun and functional! - Ceramics for everyday use
Market Meals - Mexican food
Fir Tree Enterprises
Pottery, Wood and Glass
Meat, Produce
Community Organizations - Friends of Lopez Island Pool
Gold Bug Designs
Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories, Handcrafts
Goosefoot Produce
Green Isle Nursery
Happy Tinker
Arts and Crafts
Island Cabinet Abstract
Arts and Crafts
Island Fibers
It's Linda's
Preserves, Pickles and Condiments - Preserves, pickles & seasoning salt
Jack Neilsen
Community Organizations
Jules Jewels
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Just Heavenly Fudge
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - Vintage Button Jewelry
Community Organizations - Lopez Island's Community Radio Station
Community Organizations - Lopez Center for Community and the Arts
Lisa's Stuff
Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Community Organizations - Lopez Community Trails Network
Lopez Island Coffee Roasters
Coffee and Teas
Lopez Island Jewelry
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Lopez Island Vineyards
Beer, Wine and Cider
Personal Products
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Decorative and functional pottery
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Island inspired stained glass
Midnight's Farm
Coffee and Teas
Pottery, Wood and Glass, Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - Handblown glass, beads, and jewelry
Community Organizations
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Pottery, Wood and Glass - Functional and sculptural pottery
Repurpose Treasures
Arts and Crafts
Rose Root Farm
Arts and Crafts, Handcrafts - Metal art and Screened textiles
Sam Bernardi
Pottery, Wood and Glass
Sassy Sea
Personal Products
Serious Palmistry by a Genuine Crackpot
Personal Products
Spike Ranch
Arts and Crafts
Preserves, Pickles and Condiments - Handcrafted jams and jellies
Studio Meadowlark
Arts and Crafts
Dairy, Produce - Farmstead goat cheese and raw milk
SunPenny Creations
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Community Organizations - Solid Waste Alternatives Program
Urban Hippie
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories
Virginia Furmanski
Painting, Prints and Photography
Painting, Prints and Photography - Botanical Notecards, Prints, Originals and Silk Scarves by the artist
Whispers of Nature
Personal Products
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - wild but wearable jewelry
Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories - Jewelry inspired by Northwest Beaches
Painting, Prints and Photography - Steven R Hill plein Air Painter & Judy Hill garden sculpture
Baked Goods, Baked Goods, Market Meals - handmade pies using local ingredients
Woodsia Handmade
Arts and Crafts, Handcrafts